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Report Trades on your Behalf

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TRAction has developed a solution to help you to comply with the Best Execution reporting requirements under MiFID II.

Our Best Execution Monitor operates as follows:

  1. Transaction data is submitted to TRAction either by file or through an API connection;
  2. TRAction compares this data against the Reuters one-minute high and low for the relevant time the trades were executed; and
  3. TRAction’s Best Execution Monitor then displays statistics about the quality and pricing of execution, including the 5 best and 5 worst transactions.

In addition, Best Execution Monitor has the following features which allows our clients to monitor their trades systematically:

  • by typing in a specific Unique Transaction Identifier (UTI) or deal number, investment firms can closely monitor the execution quality of different financial instruments;
  • all trades are monitored in a single platform (including those that are not traded on a trading venue or reported under MiFIR transaction reporting rules) so that investment firms can develop a holistic execution policy; and
  • TRAction will filter out the non-reportable transactions when generating the output file.

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